I am a 22 year old conservative activist running for Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.

I am running to be a voice for our values and principles in Cleveland. I will oppose any attempts to water down our Republican platform. I will show the media that conservatism is alive and well in my generation. I will speak proudly for the Constitution, the protection of human life, limited government, and our Republican nominee.

I have been deeply involved in the GOP here in the 8th District for over five years:

I founded and produced the RetireJimMoran.com website, breaking original stories about Jim Moran that the media refused to cover and showing his true colors in viral hits that went across the nation.

At the 2014 8th District Convention, I delivered a report on the success of the website:

I run the 8th District Republican Committee website, making frequent updates to keep local Republicans informed and involved. I also designed and developed the current Fairfax County Republican Committee website.

In 2010, I received the Best Volunteer Award for the 8th District from the Republican Party of Virginia for my work in the 8th District.

I’ve worked tirelessly for our local Republican candidates for every office from Congress to the school board. I am out working the polls every election day, and I go door to door and put up signs for our candidates. In 2013, I organized a group of 40 students from my college in Ohio to come work for Ken Cuccinelli the weekend before the election, and we went to 4,000 houses in the area for Cuccinelli.

I am the president of the Young Americans for Freedom club at my college in Ohio. In that capacity I have worked to engage the heavily conservative student body in the political sphere, and helped over 250 conservative students register to vote in the 2014 midterm elections.

You can learn more about me on my Background page.

Please see my Convention Plan for more on what I plan to do if elected.

I would be honored to receive one of your votes at the 8th District Republican Convention on May 7th!

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