One year later

One year ago today was the 8th District Convention at which I was elected! It was an incredible honor that I will never forget. THANK YOU!

I am happy to say I have kept the five promises I made a year ago. I fought for conservative principles on the Platform Committee, spoke out for those principles in media interviews, sent out live updates from the floor, and gave 8th District voters a direct phone line and website to communicate with me while I was at the convention. I have stayed involved in the cause: I am still running the 8th District website. In the fall I organized groups of students at my Ohio college to go door-knocking every weekend with a PAC during the 2016 campaign – we knocked on over 30,000 doors on behalf of GOP candidates! And I personally helped over 500 conservative college students register to vote and get their absentee ballots.

It was a profound honor to receive your support and represent you at the Republican National Convention. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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