I’m still in

Dear 8th District Republicans,

I’m still in.

I joined the race for Delegate to the Republican National Convention in January, well before any primaries had taken place and before anybody seriously thought there would be a contested convention. My focus from the beginning was defending our conservative values and principles in the platform, speaking out for limited government, the protection of human life, and the Constitution, and showing the media that conservatism is alive and well in my generation.

As the prospect of a contested convention became a real possibility, I pledged support for Ted Cruz on the second ballot. I was honored to receive the endorsement of the Cruz campaign.

Tuesday’s developments were a bit of a shock, but they don’t really change anything for me. I am as committed as ever to standing for our principles. And as I outlined in my email earlier this week, I am committed to representing you at the convention through live interaction and communication from the national convention floor.

I have driven 9,000 miles since January, back and forth from college, to meet with as many of you as I could. I have been to the meetings of all our county/city Republican committees and women’s clubs, including Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Lee District, Mason District, Mt. Vernon Republican Women, Colonial Republican Women, Commonwealth Republican Women, and more. It has been such a pleasure meeting new faces and re-connecting with the people I have worked with for our candidates over the years. I remain firmly dedicated to my fellow 8th District Republicans, and will continue doing the hard work for our causes and candidates in the years to come.

Now more than ever, we need strong conservative voices to represent us as Delegates to the Republican National Convention to shape the party platform and the rules for future primaries. If I am elected, I will be that voice.

And then I will come back to Virginia and be just as active and dedicated as I always have been.

I ask for your vote on Saturday at the 8th District Convention.

Tommy Valentine

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