Convention Plan

Since I entered the race in January, my mission has been to protect and strengthen our party platform and oppose attempts by liberals to water down and weaken our platform; to show the media that conservatism is alive and well in my generation; and to I speak proudly for the Constitution, the protection of human life, limited government, and our Republican nominee.

With a contested convention looking more and more possible, I am developing a plan for the event that it does happen.

I want you to actively participate in the convention. I’m a web developer, and I will use my tech-savvy skills to bring you inside the convention like never before. I will set up a secure phone line and/or a password-protected website that is just for 8th District Republicans that you can use to instantaneously send me your input on what is happening. I will also send out live updates from the floor via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

On the first ballot, Virginia’s votes will all be cast at once, and the votes are not tied to individual delegates but to the state delegation as a whole. If there is a second ballot, Virginia’s delegates are free to vote for whomever they choose. Based on the current convention rules, which are likely to remain in place and require an eight-state threshold for candidates to be nominated at the convention, the second ballot will be between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. As such, I will vote for Ted Cruz on the second ballot.

I have been endorsed by the Cruz campaign for the Cruz slate, along with Tom Bolvin, Jack Blakely, and Dan Rinzel.

I am continuing to study and learn about the rules, and if I am elected, I will continue to stay in touch with you and seek input between May and the July convention.