One year later

One year ago today was the 8th District Convention at which I was elected! It was an incredible honor that I will never forget. THANK YOU!

I am happy to say I have kept the five promises I made a year ago. I fought for conservative principles on the Platform Committee, spoke out for those principles in media interviews, sent out live updates from the floor, and gave 8th District voters a direct phone line and website to communicate with me while I was at the convention. I have stayed involved in the cause: I am still running the 8th District website. In the fall I organized groups of students at my Ohio college to go door-knocking every weekend with a PAC during the 2016 campaign – we knocked on over 30,000 doors on behalf of GOP candidates! And I personally helped over 500 conservative college students register to vote and get their absentee ballots.

It was a profound honor to receive your support and represent you at the Republican National Convention. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Thank you!

Speaking at the 8th District Republican Convention on Saturday!

Speaking at the 8th District Republican Convention on Saturday!

Dear 8th District Republicans,

Thank you!

I am deeply honored that you elected me to represent you as a Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention! I am even more honored to have placed first.

The last four months of campaigning have been an incredible experience. It has been a pleasure meeting new people and reconnecting with friends from previous campaigns. I got to address and meet with members of the Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Lee District, Mason District, and Mt. Vernon District Republican Committees; the Commonwealth, Colonial, and Mt. Vernon Republican Women’s Clubs; and other GOP groups across the 8th. And it was wonderful to meet hundreds of you at the Convention on Saturday.

I would like to congratulate my fellow delegates, Bill Cleveland and Charlie Keller; and our alternate delegates, Tom Bolvin, Dan Rinzel, and Erin Anderson. I am looking forward to working with them over the next couple of months and at the convention in Cleveland!

I also extend my sincerest congratulations to the remaining 10 candidates who ran for Delegate for the races they ran: Sam Amber, Jack Blakely, Barbara Bowie-Whitman, Scott Cameron, Gerry Chandler, Ford Chinworth, Doug Faulkner, Michael Maibach, John Scally, and Angie Youngen. It was truly a privilege to meet and chat with all of them at various meetings across the district over the last few months. They conducted themselves with class at all times and they should be proud of the races they ran. We had an incredible field of candidates, and I am looking forward to working with them for our causes and candidates in the years ahead.

I want to recognize the leaders and volunteers who made Saturday’s convention possible: Chris Marston, Mark Kelly, Wayne Kubicki, Jessica Talbert, Scott McGeary, the current and former unit chairs, and the many volunteers who helped with check-in, the elections, and everything else that went into such a successful convention. They did a fantastic job.

The list of people I want to thank individually is too long to include here, and I am continuing to reach out to them individually. But there are a few people I want to thank publicly for their advice, encouragement, dedication, and their friendship: Chris Marston, Magee Whelan, and Tom Bolvin. I also want to thank my mom, Susan, and my dad, Rick, for their unwavering support. And as in all things, to God be the glory.

Moving forward, I will stay in contact with you over the next two months before the convention, and of course, from the convention. I’ll be sending out short surveys on the issues that will be discussed at the convention, such as the rules and the platform, to get your input. And as we get closer to the convention I will send details on how to access the website and phone line that you will be able to use to send me your comments on the convention that I will be checking from the floor.

Please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter if you have not already. I’ll update those with the latest developments ahead of the convention, and will be using them for live news, videos, and photos from the convention. I’ll also send out updates via email, but I don’t want to spam you, so most will go out via Facebook and Twitter and I’ll only use email for the most important updates and for daily summaries from the convention. You don’t need an account to read my Facebook/Twitter pages!

I’ll send out a survey later this week or early next week on some of the issues being considered at the convention, so look out for that. But first, it’s back to college for me to finish my final exams!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Tommy Valentine

I’m still in

Dear 8th District Republicans,

I’m still in.

I joined the race for Delegate to the Republican National Convention in January, well before any primaries had taken place and before anybody seriously thought there would be a contested convention. My focus from the beginning was defending our conservative values and principles in the platform, speaking out for limited government, the protection of human life, and the Constitution, and showing the media that conservatism is alive and well in my generation.

As the prospect of a contested convention became a real possibility, I pledged support for Ted Cruz on the second ballot. I was honored to receive the endorsement of the Cruz campaign.

Tuesday’s developments were a bit of a shock, but they don’t really change anything for me. I am as committed as ever to standing for our principles. And as I outlined in my email earlier this week, I am committed to representing you at the convention through live interaction and communication from the national convention floor.

I have driven 9,000 miles since January, back and forth from college, to meet with as many of you as I could. I have been to the meetings of all our county/city Republican committees and women’s clubs, including Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Lee District, Mason District, Mt. Vernon Republican Women, Colonial Republican Women, Commonwealth Republican Women, and more. It has been such a pleasure meeting new faces and re-connecting with the people I have worked with for our candidates over the years. I remain firmly dedicated to my fellow 8th District Republicans, and will continue doing the hard work for our causes and candidates in the years to come.

Now more than ever, we need strong conservative voices to represent us as Delegates to the Republican National Convention to shape the party platform and the rules for future primaries. If I am elected, I will be that voice.

And then I will come back to Virginia and be just as active and dedicated as I always have been.

I ask for your vote on Saturday at the 8th District Convention.

Tommy Valentine



I am a 22 year old conservative activist running for Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.

I am running to be a voice for our values and principles in Cleveland. I will oppose any attempts to water down our Republican platform. I will show the media that conservatism is alive and well in my generation. I will speak proudly for the Constitution, the protection of human life, limited government, and our Republican nominee.

I have been deeply involved in the GOP here in the 8th District for over five years:

I founded and produced the website, breaking original stories about Jim Moran that the media refused to cover and showing his true colors in viral hits that went across the nation.

At the 2014 8th District Convention, I delivered a report on the success of the website:

I run the 8th District Republican Committee website, making frequent updates to keep local Republicans informed and involved. I also designed and developed the current Fairfax County Republican Committee website.

In 2010, I received the Best Volunteer Award for the 8th District from the Republican Party of Virginia for my work in the 8th District.

I’ve worked tirelessly for our local Republican candidates for every office from Congress to the school board. I am out working the polls every election day, and I go door to door and put up signs for our candidates. In 2013, I organized a group of 40 students from my college in Ohio to come work for Ken Cuccinelli the weekend before the election, and we went to 4,000 houses in the area for Cuccinelli.

I am the president of the Young Americans for Freedom club at my college in Ohio. In that capacity I have worked to engage the heavily conservative student body in the political sphere, and helped over 250 conservative students register to vote in the 2014 midterm elections.

You can learn more about me on my Background page.

Please see my Convention Plan for more on what I plan to do if elected.

I would be honored to receive one of your votes at the 8th District Republican Convention on May 7th!